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Total Golf Academy is a branch of the Mel Sole Golf School, with headquarters in the Myrtle Beach area.

No secrets, no gimmicks. We have a proven teaching method to help you improve every part of your golf game. Whether you're a beginner golfer or a low handicap golfer, we have the golf instructors and the golf school programs to take you where you want to go.

Our goal is to provide an experience in which maximum results are achieved for both beginner and experienced golfers in an optimum learning environment. Top quality golf teachers, a high level of personal attention and innovative teaching methods will instill consistency and confidence in each student. We pledge to foster integrity, honesty and sportsmanship while staying on the cutting edge of teaching methods and techniques. Our students will leave us with the following tools:

  • Golf Tips

    Learn the game from the comfort of your home with our extensive archive of golf tips. In addition to his regular contributions to Golf Tips Magazine and other top golf publications, Mel Sole has also published monthly golf tips online for over 10 years.

    How to practice;
  • How to problem solve;
  • How to motivate oneself;
  • How to "Play Smart".

Choose from several convenient golf school locations:

Golf School Vacations

You can attend on a Golf School Package with accommodations included, or attend as a "commuter" student. Golf School Vacations include a 3-day golf school program, accommodations, breakfast, green fees.

Results You Can Expect

  • More distance with your drives;
  • Increased accuracy off the tee and with your irons;
  • Dramatic improvement in your short game;
  • Control of your mental game;
  • Consistency and confidence.

Our Teaching Philosophy

  • Work with each golfer individually because no two golfers are the same.
  • Keep the swing as simple as possible - eliminate any unnecessary moving parts.
  • Teach the student to use the big muscles to create power with a minimum of effort.

Maximum class size is 4 students per Instructor - never more than 4!

Also included is a program on the mental side of golf. Developed by one of the leading sports psychologists, it has had very exciting results for our students.

All golf instruction includes extensive video taping which is dubbed onto a VHS tape with voice-over by your Instructor, enabling you to review your lessons and drills back at home.

Golf Instructors

Our Director of Golf Instruction, Mel Sole, has many years of solid teaching experience and has managed some of the best golf instruction facilities in North America. Read more about his long-time love of the game of golf, teaching qualifications and the many accolades he has earned as a professional player as well as a golf instructor.

All of our PGA & LPGA golf instructors have strong teaching backgrounds with many years of experience. Each is carefully chosen for possessing a positive attitude and outstanding communication skills in addition to a vast knowledge of the game. Their high number of repeat students and referrals attest to their commitment.


Call Us Toll Free: 1-800-544-8727
at Mel Sole Golf School Headquarters