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Golf Tips: Stay In Your Rhythm On The Course

Most players today do not have a consistent rhythm on the course. Usually because of today's hectic lifestyles we are all in a hurry to get to the course, play, and then hurry home before the kids go to bed. If we are playing in a league after work, we are rushing to the course and by the time six holes have passed, we are just starting to slow down and play decently.

Try to make it to the course a few minutes early so you have a chance to loosen up and stroke a few putts. If you are unable to do this, put on your favorite music in your car on the way to the course and turn that cell phone off for fifteen or twenty minutes. (Sometimes I wonder how people managed before cell phones!!!)

For those of you who are playing in a tournament at your course over the weekend and you know play is going to be slow I suggest you get up a little earlier, have a relaxed breakfast, get to the course an hour earlier, stretch, hit some balls, practice some chipping and putting and give yourself a minute or two to contemplate your round for the day. Do not get in a hurry, take time to get your rhythm where you want it.

Everybody's rhythm is different, so find yours. Try to keep your rhythm the same for the full swing, pitches, chipping and even putting. Try to use a mantra to help you maintain your rhythm throughout the day. Sing to yourself, say a little rhyme but do it throughout the round. This will help you maintain that rhythm all day long!!!

If the group in front is slow, take a little more time between shots so that you are not standing over your ball and getting impatient . If the group behind is pushing you, move a little quicker between shots, and then take your time over the shot and do not rush.

Try these techniques and you will have more fun out there, and you will definitely play a lot better!!


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