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Golf Tips

Mel Sole has written golf tips for such popular publications as Golf Tips and Golf Digest. He's also published free golf tips on his website, ritson-sole.com, for over 10 years now. Since 2005, these free tips have been in video format, making it easier than ever for you to improve your golf game from the comfort of your home.

Below are links to Mel's most recent video golf tips, followed by some tips by golf instructor Tim Calcagno, who teaches at our Myrtle Beach golf school.

Video Golf Tips by Mel Sole

January 2018 Monthly Golf Tip.
Welcome to my January 2018 Monthly Golf Tip.  If you really want to improve your golf in 2018 or just get started with this great game, do so slowly!  I call this incremental practice.  Particularly for a beginner who is just trying to make solid contact with the ball, this is a great drill, but even established golfers who are trying to make specific changes to their swing, do so incrementally and slowly and you will see results happening much faster than just going to the range and start banging away with a pile of balls in front of you.  Make 2018 your year for the improvement you have always been looking for! Source: Mel Sole Golf School

December 2017 Golf Tip.
In this month’s golf tip I talk about aiming the line on the golf ball.  There are some optical illusions at play and if you don’t know this it can have quite an effect on your putting.  Check this out! Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

November 2017 Golf Tip
This month we discuss generating more clubhead speed, particularly for the senior golfers.  It’s all about width in the golf swing.  Here is a simple drill to gain more distance! Source: Mel Sole Golf School

October 2017 Golf Tip
Today we talk about an often misunderstood term – Over the Top!  Fist, understand the term, Second, know how to prevent it.  Plus, a really neat drill to provide feedback for that initial move you are looking for!  

September 2017 Golf Tip
Welcome to your September 2017 Golf Tip from the Mel Sole Golf School.  This month we talk about your 15th club in the bag – a yardage book!  Yes, you can save several shots in a round of golf by knowing distances to hazards, where out of bounds lines are, etc.  You will NEVER see a PGA or LPGA Tour player hit a shot without first discussing the shot with their caddy.  The caddy will always refer to their yards book which not only has the distances, but also some notes pertinent to that particular player. Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Learn how to hit the ball further with the ?Dagger Drill? I did!
Welcome to the June 2017 Monthly Golf Tip from Mel Sole of the Mel Sole Golf School.  This month I talk about a drill that my long time mentor and friend Phil Ritson taught me over 30 years ago.  It made a huge difference to my game and it can make a difference in yours as well. Check it out! Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Improve your chipping technique in a new and easy manner!
Improving your chipping technique needs to be done where your entire focus is on the technique and NOT the result.  In this month’s golf tip, Mel explains how to accomplish this in a new and easy manner.  The secret is in working on technique without a target.  This allows you to focus on the correct mechanics and not on the result.  Get this correct first, and THEN go and work on touch!  

Golf Instructional DVDs vs. Real Golf Instruction
Golf Instructional DVDs and videos have their place, but they aren't a substitute for the personalized experience of in-person golf instruction. Find out why.

Want To Save Strokes? Know the Rules of Golf!
How does knowing the Rules help you shoot lower scores? As Mel describes in telling a story about Harry Bradshaw's big mistake in the '49 British Open, not knowing the Rules leads to bad decisions on the course---decisions that will cost you shots!

Make Slicing a Thing of the Past With This Easy Drill
One issue that a lot of high handicappers share is slicing. In this month's video golf tip, Mel Sole shares a highly effective drill using a golf bag that will help you make slicing a thing of the past.

Golf Tips by Tim Calcagno

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