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Golf Tips

Mel Sole has written golf tips for such popular publications as Golf Tips and Golf Digest. He's also published free golf tips on his website, ritson-sole.com, for over 10 years now. Since 2005, these free tips have been in video format, making it easier than ever for you to improve your golf game from the comfort of your home.

Below are links to Mel's most recent video golf tips, followed by some tips by golf instructor Tim Calcagno, who teaches at our Myrtle Beach golf school.

Video Golf Tips by Mel Sole

Learn how to hit the ball further with the ?Dagger Drill? I did!
Welcome to the June 2017 Monthly Golf Tip from Mel Sole of the Mel Sole Golf School.  This month I talk about a drill that my long time mentor and friend Phil Ritson taught me over 30 years ago.  It

Improve your chipping technique in a new and easy manner!
Improving your chipping technique needs to be done where your entire focus is on the technique and NOT the result.  In this month’s golf tip, Mel explains how to accomplish this in a new and easy manner.  The secret is

Golf Instructional DVDs vs. Real Golf Instruction
Golf Instructional DVDs and videos have their place, but they aren't a substitute for the personalized experience of in-person golf instruction. Find out why.

Want To Save Strokes? Know the Rules of Golf!
How does knowing the Rules help you shoot lower scores? As Mel describes in telling a story about Harry Bradshaw's big mistake in the '49 British Open, not knowing the Rules leads to bad decisions on the course---decisions that will cost you shots!

Make Slicing a Thing of the Past With This Easy Drill
One issue that a lot of high handicappers share is slicing. In this month's video golf tip, Mel Sole shares a highly effective drill using a golf bag that will help you make slicing a thing of the past.

How To Position Your Feet To Hit the Ball Further
It's always the little things... The way you position your feet through your swing can have a direct impact on how far you hit the ball. Many amateur golfers can get more distance just by making a simple adjustment in the positioning of their feet, which promotes proper hip turn through the downswing.

Hit the Ball Straighter With the Layoff Wall Drill
In this month's video golf tip, Mel Sole shares a drill that will help you hit the ball straighter. Using what he calls a "layoff wall," the drill will help you to understand where the club should be through your swing.

5 Putting Grips To Cure Your Yips
Got the yips? In this month's video golf tip, Mel Sole examines lead wrist breakdown in putting and presents five putting grips that can help cure your case of the yips.

Swing Power Comes From the Ground Up!
In this second installment of a 2-part lesson on generating more swing power, Mel Sole explains how you can get more power from your legs and from the way that you shift weight through your swing.

The Role of Body Rotation in Swing Power
In this first of two videos about getting more power in your golf swing, Mel Sole demonstrates a drill that uses the Orange Whip golf swing trainer to put the focus on body rotation. Ready to take the first step to getting more power in 2016? Watch now!

Golf Tips by Tim Calcagno

Mel has also been a contributing author to sites published by TravelGolf.com. See these articles:

Mel's golf tips have also been published by About.com:


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