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Golf Tips: Hinge and Release Drill

A quick, simple and efficient drill to help ingrain the feeling of a natural release is the "one handed drill." (right hand for right-handers and left hand for left-handers)

As the name suggests, the drill requires that you swing the club with only one hand.  To execute this drill correctly you must simulate your full swing as much as possible.  Use a full rotation of your body; don't just swing with the arms and hands.  The goal of this drill is to feel a full turn of the body while allowing for a natural and effortless release with the arm and hand.  You do not want to slap weakly at the ball.

Begin by gripping the club with your normal grip and take your usual address position.  Then remove your upper hand and place it behind your back as in picture #1.

Make sure to tee the ball up, as you do not want to hurt your wrist by hitting a heavy shot.

Prior to swinging, practice hinging your wrist up and down using a hammer-like action as in picture #2.

Now take your backswing while making a concerted effort to turn the shoulders and hinge your wrist.  Your arm should be bent at the elbow just as in an underhand throw.  You should hear a nice "whooshing" sound as you strike the ball.

You will begin to feel a much better hinge and release into the ball, which will create a more powerful swing with less effort.  After a few practice sessions, your release will become more powerful and efficient.  This drill will also improve your timing and tempo while relieving tension in your arm.  Finish right through the shot with all the weight through to your front foot as in picture #4.


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