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Golf Tips: Posture, The Foundation for the Swing

If you body is out of position at address, making a sound backswing will be nearly impossible.  

Posture is the key to a correct setup.  


Notice in picture #1 that my body is bent from the hips and my back is fairly straight. 

From the front view the spine is  tilted slightly to the right, as the right hand is lower than the left which sets the spine in this position


 Amateurs often address the ball by bending at the waist with a curved spine.  Picture #2.  This curving of the spine prevents a full and even turn.  The hands, arms and shoulders need to move in sync.  If you keep your backbone straight it will become the axis around which your shoulders, arms and hands turn.  

It is important to maintain your spine angle through the swing.  Bobbing your head up or down or moving your back changes the plane on which your arms and shoulders move and will destroy your swing path.  

Another important posture key is to keep your chin up while you swing the club.  This keeps the head steady and promotes a good shoulder turn as in picture #3. If you drop your chin you will lose sight of the ball as you turn your shoulder back and the resulting head movement will produce a poor swing.

A good practice drill is to watch yourself in the mirror from both a front and a rear view.  Put a piece of tape on the mirror just above and in front of your head and practice swinging while looking in the mirror to see if your head has bobbed up, down or away from your original position.


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