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Golf Tips: Choosing The Right Putter

Many golfers are using putters which are too long for them. The average length on the PGA Tour is 34 1/2'' and that includes the long putters. Most amateur golfers have putters which are 35'' or longer and this produces an awkward stance.

The arms should hang down from the shoulders in a relaxed position to promote a smooth stroke.

Any bending of the elbows to compensate for length will have poor results. Check your grip to make sure there is only one inch of putter grip visible above your hands. Have your putter cut down if there is more than one inch showing.

Make sure that your grip is installed straight so that the flat part of the grip is at exactly 90 degrees to the putter face. Also check the lie of the putter.

If the toe is protruding up or down when addressing the ball, you will not get correct roll of the ball to the hole. Even one degree off on the lie will affect your putts, particularly the long ones.

Keep your hands in front of the putter head for smooth roll. Because most putters have loft, some as much as 6 degrees, the ball will hop or skip if you position your hands behind the clubhead.

Putting is close to 50 % of the game, so get your club fitted correctly and then schedule regular practice with it. Your confidence will soar and your scores will plummet!!!


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