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Golf Tips: Re-Tool, Re-Shape and Re-Build Your Game For Spring

The golfing season is nearing the end for many players.  It's time to consider preparations for next season.  If you're interested in making equipment changes Fall is the time to do it.  You can test different golf clubs and you'll find good pricing from the retailers.

Take the time to get fitted by an expert club fitter making sure that you have the correct length, loft, lie and grip size.  Visit the practice range to become accustomed to your new clubs so they don't feel foreign next spring.

Try to keep your body in shape through the Fall and Winter with golf stretches and some aerobic activity so that you can maintain your stamina once you hit the course again next season.

Also consider going to golf school.  There are always parts of your game that need work, but you need a professional to diagnose the problems and prescribe corrective drills.  And it is great to monitor the results of your work with video analysis.  

If Tiger Woods spends as much time working with Butch Harmon as he does, don't you think golf instruction would help you too?

So, take a tip from Tiger - get fit physically and mentally to enjoy your best season ever!


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