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Golf Tips: The Warm Up Routine

All rounds of golf and practice sessions should begin with a warm up, with the purpose of getting blood flowing to your muscles, which makes them long and supple.  It also helps you to begin to focus on your golf and put aside previous distractions.

Personalize your warm up routine depending on your body type, strength and flexibility.  It should include three stages :

  1. A stretching program that works all the major muscle groups.

  2. A continuous series of practice swings without a ball, where your club never stops moving.

  3. A ball striking progression which starts with half swings and builds up slowly to full swings.

Be careful not to turn your warm up into a swing overhaul session.  Do not search for a swing before you go to the course.  The best way to get ready to play is to stretch and program yourself for solid contact.

Also, because there is nothing quite disheartening as hitting two inches behind the ball on your first shot, tee the ball up to build confidence.  There is something about the feel of a well centered hit that produces optimism, so focus on solid contact rather than direction at first.  

Square hits produce positive signals, which is a great way to begin your round. By warming up before you go out to play, you are increasing your odds of having a good and enjoyable round.  It is worth the extra fifteen minutes.


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