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Director of Golf Instruction: Mel Sole

Mel SoleMel's golf school has gained national recognition by several golf and travel magazines. Golf Magazine has ranked it "one of the Top 25 Golf Schools in America" every year since 1999. GOLF Magazine consistently ranks Mel as one of the "Top Teachers in North America" in their biennial review (2003, 2005, 2007).

Former South African PGA Tour player Mel Sole is regarded by Phil Ritson as "possibly the best teacher I've ever come across".

Mel Sole started playing golf at the age of 16 in his native home of South Africa. He turned Pro in 1966 and was assistant to renowned golf coach Phil Ritson in 1969 when he discovered a real joy in teaching golf. After playing the Pro Tour in South Africa from 1970 to '80, he turned to teaching in a more serious vein. His coaching of Junior Golf Teams produced two national champions (one male and one female), and several junior champions.

In 1984 Mel moved to Toronto, Canada, where he opened the Canadian Golf Academy, an indoor/outdoor teaching facility.

In 1988 his long time friend and mentor Phil Ritson (now based in Florida), invited Mel to open and head the Phil Ritson Golf School in Myrtle Beach, SC. The school opened with the Legends Group on June 1, 1989 and relocated to Pawleys Plantation Golf & Country Club in Pawleys Island, SC, on January 1, 1991. Mel took sole ownership of the school at that time and had such success over the years that he opened several other locations in the USA. In January '97 the name of the school was changed to the Phil Ritson-Mel Sole Golf School, and later in 2013, to the Mel Sole Golf School.

Mel has over 30 years of teaching experience gained internationally in South Africa, Canada and the USA. His unique approach to the mental side of golf has produced amazing results for golfers who have struggled for years. Mel's diversified roster of clients includes stars in professional sports, CEO's of Fortune 500 Companies, and many more golfers of all ages and skill levels.

Mel is a teaching editor with GOLF TIPS Magazine and is the author of the book, Golf Step-by-Step. Mel's lessons have been featured in Golf Digest and GOLF Magazine.

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